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Otto Bock B600


The B600 is a high-quality, compact indoor and outdoor power wheelchair. Thanks to its electric seat options such as back angle adjustment and seat tilt, the B600 offers many possibilities to meet individual requirements. In addition, we placed great emphasis on an attractive design during development.

Even with all optional add-ons, the B600 remains very compact and transportable. In small living quarters or in case of especially large users, the patented telescoping frame ensures optimal stability. It is also possible to adjust the size of the wheelchair to the individual user’s size. In addition, the many options of the MCS control system - from special joysticks that can be calibrated to blow-and-suck controls - make a high level of autonomy and independence possible.

The B600 also distinguishes itself by the fact that it is very easy to service. You can simply unlock the battery drawer, pull it out, and remove or maintain the battery. Two actuator outputs for electronic options are provided as standard equipment.

The wheelchair achieves a maximum speed of six km/h; ten km/h are also possible as an option. With the 60Ah wet-cell batteries, the B600 has a range of approximately 35 kilometres. Obstacles up to a height of 100 millimetres can be crossed safely and without problems. The allowable load is 120 kilograms; a 180 kilogram allowable load is available as an option.

As with all Otto Bock power wheelchairs, you benefit from the modular construction. The drive unit, seat module, control system, and accessories can be used for all of our models. This optimizes logistics and ease of service.