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Otto Bock Skippi


Thanks to its speed and high degree of manoeuvrability, our children's power wheelchair Skippi supports children's urge to move and the pleasure they derive from making discoveries. Skippi's colourful design is also convincing. Parents will be glad that they can disassemble Skippi in a few easy steps and stow it comfortably.

Skippi is equipped with the proven drive concept of the A200. You can adjust the seat width and depth as well as the leg position and angle individually. The telescoping leg support fixtures can also be adjusted. These options have the advantage that the Skippi can grow with the child. In daily use, parents have the option of adjusting the seat and the backrest to the requirements of their child - from an upright seating position so that the child is well positioned to take in his or her environment, to a rest position for relaxation.

Thanks to its many configuration options, Skippi offers a wide variety of fitting possibilities. The child is optimally supported and promoted. For example, the wheelchair can be equipped with optional electric or mechanical seat tilting, electric back angle adjustment, support person control, therapy table, and seat pan adapter. Various foot rests and head support systems can also be easily installed or added. Skippi can also be supplied with lighting upon request so that the wheelchair can be operated outside