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Azalea Transit


Enhanced adjustable comfort seating

The Invacare® Rea™ Azalea® is a “tilt in space” chair that provides comfortable seating and enhanced postural support. The wheelchair is based on a single frame that can accommodate the three rear wheel sizes in different settings making it suitable for passive or moderately active clients. The weight shifting function (Centre of gravity) offers excellent stability during use and the specially designed Invacare® Flex2 system provides adaptable seating adjustable both in seat width and depth.

Maximum comfort and adjustability

Available in either self-propel and transit version with a combination of seating options, simple seat angle adjustment and backrest recline the Rea™ Azalea® is an excellent choice when selecting a passive wheelchair.


  • Invacare® Flex2 assortment. Interchangeable Flex2 seat system, with optional seat solutions.
  • Length compensation. The leg rests and backrest include length compensation providing excellent support for the head and legs through height adjustable legs and backrests.
  • Sliding balance point. When tilting the seat unit, the Rea™ Azalea® keeps its stability as well as its good driving performance.
  • Minimized lifting at the front. The seat tilt mechanism is designed to give a minimum increased height at the front of the seat when tilted allowing the client to get under working surfaces.
  • Seat size. The size of the seat is adjustable in width, depth and backrest height to meet individual needs.
  • Rear wheel adjustment. The seat height and the balance can be adjusted individually.