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Invacare Zimma Frame


Trustworthy, stable and reliable

The NEW Invacare Zimma Frame is a robust fixed walking frame designed for use in both domestic and hospital environments. Both types are available in a range of sizes to meet the needs of different individuals. The frames are also fully height adjustable making them adaptable to different situations.

Available with or without wheeled extension legs, the Zimma Frame is trustworthy, stable and reliable. 

Range of Types & Sizes
The Invacare Zimma Frame is available in both Domestic and Hospital frame types. Both types are available in small, medium and large sizes to suit a range of different patient requirements. All Invacare Zimma Frames are height adjustable by way of a simple push button giving a series of fixed settings. 

Wheeled Extension Legs
The wheeled extension legs are available for all Invacare Zimma Frames. They are simple to fit, giving a quick and easy way of converting the Zimma between a wheeled and non-wheeled frame.