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Sunrise Medical Zippie Salsa M


The Zippie Salsa M's mid wheel drive base delivers the best possible indoor performance thanks to its ultracompact turning radius (60 cm) and small footprint.
A narrow width of just 60cm (24") and low seat height make access very easy. Performing as good outdoors as it does indoors, the unique suspension system delivers a smooth, safe and stable ride even when travelling over slopes and cambers. The Zippie Salsa M can overcome obstacles of up to 7.5cm (3")
and can travel up to 26km (16m) on a full charge. 

Fully adjustable standard seating system that grows with your child (12" x 12" to 16" x 16"), with pre-defined areas for custom seating systems. 

The Powered seat tilt (0° to 30° or -5° to 25°) 

Zippie Salsa M has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19 

Patented all-wheel independent suspension ensures a smooth and stable ride over rough or uneven terrain.

Powere  d seat lift and tilt (30cm of lift, 0° to 30° of tilt)