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Otto Bock Blizzard

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Otto Bock Blizzard

A fresh breeze in your life: The Blizzard is here! This brand new rigid-frame active wheelchair is capable of braving any storm and meets all challenges with you! It is also perfect as a traveling companion, since the back rest can be folded down on top of the seat in just a few easy steps so that the Blizzard has a convenient size. Chief attraction: You do not have to do anything with the side panels, because they automatically retract into the frame when the back rest is folded down. You can then quickly and easily load the Blizzard with one hand.

With its compact, open construction, the Blizzard opens new opportunities for you. Small rooms, elevators, and change rooms are no longer a problem; the Blizzard is easy to maneuver in the smallest spaces. Of course, style is also essential – the Blizzard’s design will impress you! The selection of frame colors is sure to offer the right choice for you – flamboyant, purist, or noble, it’s your decision!

The Blizzard offers a large range of combination and adjustment options in order to ensure that you are always optimally supported on the job, at home, and during leisure activities. Every frame is individually made in order to adapt the wheelchair to your body size as well as possible. The anterior frame angle, leg supports, and back rest angle are examples of your Blizzard’s individuality.

The Blizzard also addresses any requirements regarding your personal driving style: You can individually adjust the position of the drive wheels and the center of gravity. The wheel camber is also set according to your preferences: From 0° for perfect straight-ahead driving to 9° for extremely easy turning, we have the solution for you. Let your specialist dealer advise you! Ask for the Blizzard and introduce yourself – you will be thrilled!

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