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TiLite ZRA

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TiLite ZRA

Why Titanium?

Reason No. 1: Titanium Absorbs Vibration

Reason No. 2: TiLite Titanium Won’t Break

Reason No. 3: Titanium has the Highest Strength-to-Weight Ratio of Any Metal on Earth

Reason No. 4: TiLite Custom Builds its Wheelchairs


The Z’s 1.25″ Mono-Tube frame is 20% lighter than its predecessor but retains titanium’s 44% strength advantage over 7000 series aluminum.

Tru-Fit System

Reduces the number of holes in the frame, improving durability. Allows for easy adjustment and reduces set-up time.

Adjustable Chamber Mount incorporates TiLite’s Tru-Fit system with up to 3.5″ of Rear Seat Height adjustment.

ZRA’s Speed Loader Adjustable Front Caser Housing (patent pending) quickly and accurately adjusts Fork Angle in 1 degree Increments.

SlipStream Single-Sided Fork with Integrated Bumper (patent pending).

Performance 5-Spoke Soft Roll Wheel weighs just 1.6 ounces, shaving 40% from the weight of the original, 3-Spoke Wheel.

TiShaft back release bar makes folding and unfolding the backrest easy from any angle.


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