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Sunrise Medical Quickie JIVE M

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Sunrise Medical Quickie JIVE M

The first time you experience a Quickie JIVE, it all becomes clear – it’s a power wheelchair that effortlessly blends indoor agility with outdoor high performance.

Take the JIVE M (mid wheel drive) for example – those jarring kerb transitions are a thing of the past with its SpiderTrac suspension. The way it effortlessly navigates onto and over steep transitions without jolts, forward pitching or compromising your stability is astounding. Even around the home, you’ll smoothly manoeuvre every twist, turn or tight gap. It’s complete control at every turn.

But whatever drive base you choose, mid, front or rear – you’ll enjoy an incredibly responsive drive. With speeds of up to 13kph, powerful 60 or 70 Ah batteries and a range of up to 40 km, high performance power is always at your fingertips. Controlling that power are expandable control systems that are ready to interact with the world around you.

JIVE will even change with your needs. Its modular design allows for the adding and removing of powered options, changing the seating system or even drive base whenever you like. Explore all of the JIVE’s features in more detail and discover how amazing it is to drive for yourself.


Indoors or out, it’s the best of both worlds.

Because the centre-of-rotation is located directly beneath you, the JIVE M can turn on its own axis, giving an ultra small turning circle for excellent manoeuvrability around the home. As you don’t need to consider additional space for swinging your chair around, the JIVE M is more intuitive to drive (ideal for those who may have difficulty driving a powered wheelchair or using switches/head controls). Your seated position also adds more weight on the drive wheel – perfect for increasing traction and decreasing sliding when outdoors.

Navigating through doorways, lifts and confined spaces also becomes easier with the JIVE’s narrow width of 630 mm. The low seat height of 430 mm (with tilt module) helps with access under tables and transportation within vehicles whilst a 90 degree leg angle ensures good leg positioning.

Don’t forget – you’re equally at home outdoors with JIVE. With its SpiderTrac suspension, you’re assured superb traction, excellent stability and minimal forward pitching (even when descending 10cm kerbs!).

SpiderTrac Suspension

Looking to take the jolt and forward pitching out of everyday step or kerb transitions?

With the JIVE M’s SpiderTrac Suspension, a gas suspension system is used to dampen the impact without adding pressure to the castors. By maximising the articulation range of the front and rear castors, the JIVE M has a spider-like ability to crawl smoothly onto and over steep transitions – so when you’re ascending or descending a kerb, the gas dampener cushions the impact of the castor wheel. This ensures not only super-smooth transitions without jolts, jarring and forward pitching, but also keeps you seated in a stable position.

Because the suspension on the front and rear castors are linked, they move in a complimentary direction to the drive wheel to compensate for its movement. So when you’re transitioning a slope (or driving from the floor up a car ramp) every wheel maintains contact with the ground, maximising traction. The gas suspension is also used to absorb shock for both castors, providing a more comfortable ride on uneven terrain.


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