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The TDX SP is the first model in the next generation of the TDX (Total Driving experience) series power wheelchairs. The TDX SP takes all the best features of the TDX series and improves upon them with enhanced performance, superior ride quality, quieter chassis, and an elegantly simple design.

Key Features

  • True centre wheel drive.
  • Traction control design.
  • MK6i™ electronics.
  • Ability to accommodate powered tilt, recline, elevating seat, and tilt / recline combination.
  • Ability to accommodate individual powered legs and powered centre mount.
  • Ability to accommodate ventilator tray.
  • Ability to accommodate (2) 22NF, (2) Group 24, or (3) 22NF batteries.
  • Crash-tested to ANSI / RESNA WC-19.
  • EnhancedSureStep® – features redesigned pivot points, which allow for 6″ of caster travel – 3″ up and 3″ down. The Enhanced SureStep ultimately allows for a smoother transition down from obstacles.
  • QuietStability Lock – features a gas locking cylinder, which replaces the traditional metal gear set. When stability lock engages, the gas locking cylinder actuation eases the user to a stop and is nearly silent. The gas locking cylinder also provides a shock absorbing effect that removes the vibration often felt over small bumps or cracks in the sidewalk.
  • FormulaCG Seating System
  • LowerSeat-to-Floor Height – the FormulaCG seating system allows for a lower starting  seat to floor height at 17.5″ compared to 18″ on the Formula seating system on a TDX3.
  • PaediatricPowered Tilt – the Formula CG powered tilt system allows for small seat sizes starting at 12″x12″.
  • LowerTilt List Price – the Formula CG seating system features a $4,500 list price  compared to the Formula Tilt or the Invisible Super Low Tilt both at $5,295.
  • UpdatedAesthetics – larger diameter swingarm tubing, silver metallic accent shrouds, new spoke 5 wheel design, and sleek front head tube integration.
  • Serviceability – the TDX SP was developed with the technician in mind. The TDX SP uses 1/3 less parts than the TDX3.
  • WiderRear Caster Spacing – the 9″ spacing between the rear casters allows for a smooth interface with docking devices.
  • MotionConcepts Power Centre Mount – features 80° range of motion and 5.5″ articulation. The power centre mount is available with a footboard standard and an optional upgrade to individual footplates.

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